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With compassion & respect, SAFE-D volunteers provide the free

installation of in-home, fall prevention equipment for low-income

(less than $2,700/month take-home, $3500 for 2) elder

(60 yrs or older) or disabled county residents.  

   Most older adults wish to age safely in their own homes. Many

homes have barriers that can make it difficult for older adults and

people with physical limitations to safely address their daily

needs without assistance.  Safety accommodations can increase

safety, and independence for older and disabled adults, to help

them age safely in their own homes.

Nationwide, more than 40% of those who are admitted with hip

fractures will never live independently again, and 25% will die within

the 1st year.  These are the cold, hard statistics.  Falls among

those 65 and older remain the leading cause of injury, and account

for 9% of injury deaths.  Falls often lead to a loss of independence,

isolation and a reduction in community engagement. 



Many seniors have a less serious fall that frightens them, causing a

spiraling downturn due to less activity, which then decreases strength and range of motion, which can in turn lead to a fall.

Statistics show that 50% of seniors have experienced a fall. Most elderly people who have fallen, or have fallen several times, tend to NOT tell their doctor or family for fear of winding up in a nursing home.    

Rick  Ken  Jim  Martin  Bruce  &  Dennis

Our incredible team of volunteers that makes

this program possible!   

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To download a client application or brochure, click on the "More" tab at the top right of the page, then click on File Share. 

Select the file, then click on download.  


"Thank you for the great safety work you did at my home today.   You have no idea how many people you have helped to prevent a serious fall in their home! "    SAFE-D Client

 "Please help keep this program going by donating or volunteering!  SAFE-D has made me feel safe in my own home again and independent.  Such a valuable program and all volunteer based as well!! Thank you Jim and

your Team!"   SAFE-D Client

  "I would like to give a shout out to my friend and his crew at SAFE-D for coming in and helping me get set up with grab bars and a shower chair today. I never realized how much it helps till I actually got them!"       SAFE-D Client

 "You guys have all been so nice. I am so grateful. This is gonna make a huge difference in my life! Thank you so much and bless you all."  SAFE-D client

  "Every month in El Dorado County a senior slips and falls in the bathroom area. Grab bars and no slip tape prevent falls. This small group of dedicated retirees wants to provide these small modifications to low income seniors for free.  Support Jim and his friends at SAFE-D with donations, referrals and encouragement. "  SAFE-D Friend

"They are wonderful!  They helped me out a lot.  They know what they are doing better than you do. I'm able to do things I wasn't able to do.  It's all free and the workers are very nice.  I highly reccomend them.  You men are wonderful, thanks so much."          SAFE-D Client

  “Today Mr Wassner came to our house and installed grab bars in a shower and by a toilet… and a rail to help me get out of bed… four new night lights… and a toilet support in my husband’s bathroom.  What a blessing!  And such a nice guy!  Thank you so very much!  Makes us feel safer!"   SAFE-D Client

 "Just a belated note to say thank you so much for all the handicap things you installed in my house!  Thank you also for putting me at the top of your list when you found out I was scheduled for back surgery the following week. All this allowed me to be at home rather than a care facility.  My surgery was 3 months ago, it went well and I am healed.  You blessed me and your work is a blessing to our community."   SAFE-D Client

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