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Jim at the Placer Independent Resource Services public event in

 the County Fairgrounds Coker Bldg on Nov 10th 2022 

Rick & I Drive Thru Senior Health Fair 5

Rick and Jim at the drive-thru Senior Health Fair held at

the Cameron Park CSD parking lot on May 13th 2021.


Women's Fund El Dorado Virtual Event 2020 video   

Jim Wassner from SAFE-D is on from 13.38 – 16.27 minutes



Local newspaper article: Safe-D helps seniors stay safe

Cameron Park Life     Feb 5, 2020

By Jana Rossi


Retired supervising code enforcement officer Jim Wassner was so bothered by the astonishing number of seniors who fall on a yearly basis, many of whom may never make it back to their homes, that he decided to do something about it. In 2018 he started Safe-D of El Dorado County, which stands for Safety Accommodations For Elders and the Disabled. To date, Wassner and his group of volunteers have helped 108 seniors live safer and more independent lives.

“In 2018, 804 seniors ended up in Marshall Hospital’s emergency room from ground level falls,” Wassner told Cameron Park Life. Ground level falls refer to falls from standing, while both feet are on the ground. They are considered to be a leading cause of seniors who end up in the hospital. Marshall Hospital now refers their senior fall patients that qualify to Wassner, who will then conduct an initial assessment in the patient’s home. Once he determines which safety devices would be the most beneficial to the patients upon their return home — grab bars, handrails, transfer poles, toilet risers and shower seats, among other items — he sends his volunteer group of handy men and women out for the installation process.

Wassner said he really wants to get the word out about his program. He is not only looking for men and women to volunteer, the dedicated resident said he would also like to help more seniors. “Our clients and their families often tell me that we are angels and we are doing God’s work by helping them to age safely in their own homes when otherwise they would not be able to afford to have this fall prevention equipment installed,” said Wassner. “I tell them that’s true, but they have to understand that we are getting something out of this too. Every time they thank us we get a great feeling inside that you can only get by helping others in need. God has had his helping hand in this venture from the beginning. I’m a perfect example that if you choose a path to help others in need, God will help guide your steps.”

In order to be considered for the Safe-D program, residents must be at least 60 years old or disabled and not have a monthly take-home income of more than $2,700, $3,500 for a couple. Safe-D is a not-for-profit, public benefit charity that runs strictly on volunteers and donations. Recently, Safe-D received a grant from the Women’s Fund El Dorado and the Latrobe Foundation, in addition to a generous donation made by attorney Mosley Collins.

Wassner said he is grateful. By the testimonials on the Safe-D website, so are Wassner’s clients. “Please help keep this program going by donating or volunteering! Safe-D has made me feel safe in my own home again and independent,” one review reads. “Such a valuable program and all volunteer based as well. Thank you, Jim and your team.” For more information or to make a donation visit

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